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What's New with The Jayleen Stonehouse Band? (sometimes known simply as STONEHOUSE)

Well........this site is new so some of you may be viewing this information for the first time.  I am still playing music around Vancouver but for the last few years I have also been playing music on Cruise Ships around the world! Some of the places that I have seen just blows my mind. I have gone from Europe, Iceland and Greenland to Bermuda and Vanuatu in the South Pacific! It has been an incredible journey and it is far from over! I will be updating what is going on and what this wild life is up to as it comes...where I am...where I'm going...what I'm doing...what's next......!  Make sure you keep up to date on my calendar to see when and where I am playing OK?


NEW YORK CITY!!! and oh my.........Las Vegas!!!

Well here is the skinny..............my son, Destin and I won a trip to New York for the Live Earth Global Concert on 7-7-07, it was nothing less than amazing.  We won because I entered a contest called "What are you doing for the planet", and I wrote a letter about my son's device cdalled the Electrolyser.  You can check out what it is about at www.driveonwater.com.  Some of the performers in New York were John Mayer, Dave Mathews Band, Melissa Etheridge, Alicia Keys, Keith Urban, The Police and Roger Waters.  Who could ask for more!  As well Destin and I went club hopping in the East Village till 4 am the night before.............check out the pics!

Then I took my daughter Alanah to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday...........let me just say we introduced our selves as sisters..........what happens in Vegas - STAYS in Vegas!    Check out the photos............or the ones I let you see anyways!