Favorite Link - Drive On Water

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Favorite Link - Drive On Water

The following is a company that my Son, Destin Stonehouse, started with a device he calls the Electolyser.  Make Your Own Low-Cost Hydrogen/Gasoline Hybrid Car!
Stop wasting so much money on gas today!


The most common element in the universe is hydrogen!  It has the highest energy content per unit weight of any known fuel. Yet it never occurs by itself in nature - it always combines with other elements such as oxygen (for water) and carbon (for fossil fuels). Hydrogen per unit is 3 times more powerful in energy produced than gasoline and almost 4 times that of ethanol. When burnt in conjunction with Oxygen, the resulting byproduct is water, H2O.

Once separated, hydrogen is the ultimate clean energy carrier. It can be non-polluting, is as safe as gasoline, and can be produced on demand under the hood of your car for pennies a day.

How does The Electrolyser work?

Very simple. The unit sends an electric charge through water and baking soda which causes the hydrogen molecules to separate from the oxygen molecules in the water.  This process occurs within a small jar. The device then sends the hydrogen and oxygen into the engine via the air intake system.  The presence of the hydrogen then effects the combustion process of the gasoline, giving you better gas mileage and cleaner emissions as well as a cleaner, longer lasting engine. 
On it's own, Gasoline is about 13% efficientcy on average when it comes to actual power produced by the combustion process. Adding an additional fuel [Hydrogen] and oxydizer [Oxygen] (H+O=Hydroxyl Gas) causes the inefficient gasoline to burn at a rate of better than 95% efficiency. That is what gives you the increased performance and horsepower and cleaner emissions from the gasoline which is now being supplemented by the Hydroxy gas. It's not the Hydroxy gas, it's what the hydroxy gas does during the combustion process to the gasoline.

What happens if the Electrolyser runs out of water?

At that point nothing will occur, the device needs water in order to pass the electricity, no water, no electricity.  When the device isn't working due to lack of water, your car will simply go back to the same fuel economy it had before the device.

How often do I have to fill up more water?

Approximately every two weeks, though this is dependant on how much you drive.

What kind of maintenance should I expect?

Simply add new distilled water and baking soda every 2 weeks! And enjoy better gas mileage and cleaner air!

What will The  Electrolyser do for my car?

We have boosted fuel mileage for cars and trucks, anywhere from 15-50% depending on your vehicle's condition, model, year, etc.  The average fuel mileage increase is 35%.  We have also found that vehicles will have more power and a smoother, calmer, colder run.  All of our tests are still coming back as to how much cleaner their emissions are, though differences can be noticed immediately by most drivers.  Whether you drive a diesel, Carb, Efi, LPG, Natural gas, Bio-Fuels, new car or old car, this system can work for you.

What else will the Electrolyser do for my car?

Added benefits to your car are that it keeps the engine oil cleaner longer because of the lack of deposits. It keeps carbon from building up in the combustion chamber and around the valves giving them a longer life and better efficiency. This system also keeps engine temperatures down by about 25 degrees Fahrenheit; keeps the O2 sensor clean; keeps the injector stems clean; and, drastically reduces emissions and excessive burning of oil. Fuel efficiency is greatly increased and the device drastically reduces unburned fuels and harmful deposits.   The cleaner and healthier your system is, the longer you can expect it to last, and the better it will run!

Will the Electrolyser work for any car?

Our Electrolyser will work for virtually any vehicle on the road.  In some cases, older vehicles are brought back to life again by using the Electrolyser, though with some older vehicles it is recommended to get a FULL tune up before installation in order to see the desired results.

Can I install the Electrolyser myself?

Even if you are not a car person at all, the Electrolyser is safe and easy to install.  In most cases it takes only about 15 minutes to an hour with standard home tools.  The Electrolyser comes with manuals to install the device efficiently and easily. 

You can get someone else to install it if you like. If you don't have the time, nor patience, nor inclination, any mechanic can follow our instructions and will usually charge about an hours time in labor.

The Electrolyser comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Every Electrolyser device is made of high quality products and is thoroughly inspected and tested before it is sent out, so defects will be rare...